aaa authentication dot1x default

Use this command to configure the authentication method for port-based access to the switch. The additional methods of authentication are used only if the previous method returns an error, not if there is an authentication failure. The possible methods are as follows:

  • ias. Uses the internal authentication server users database for authentication. This method can be used in conjunction with any one of the existing methods like local or RADIUS.
  • local. Uses the local username database for authentication.
  • none. Uses no authentication.
  • radius. Uses the list of all RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) servers for authentication.
    Format aaa authentication dot1x default {[ias]|[method1 [method2 [method3]]]}
    Mode Global Config

The following is an example of the command.

(Extreme 220) #configure
(Extreme 220) (Config) #aaa authentication dot1x default ias none
(Extreme 220) (Config) #aaa authentication dot1x default ias local radius none