match ipv6 address

Use this command to configure a route map to match based on a destination prefix. prefix-list prefix-list-name identifies the name of an IPv6 prefix list used to identify the set of matching routes. Up to eight prefix lists may be specified. If multiple prefix lists are specified, a match occurs if a prefix matches any one of the prefix lists. If you configure a match ipv6 address statement within a route map section that already has a match ipv6 address statement, the new prefix lists are added to the existing set of prefix lists, and a match occurs if any prefix list in the combined set matches the prefix.

Default No match criteria are defined by default.
Format match ipv6 address prefix-list prefix-list-name [prefix-list-name...]
Mode Route Map Configuration

In the following example, IPv6 addresses specified by the prefix list apple are matched through the route map abc.

Router(config)# route-map abc
Router(config-route-map)# match ipv6 address prefix-list apple