show fiber-ports optical-transceiver

This command displays the diagnostics information of the SFP like Temp, Voltage, Current, Input Power, Output Power, Tx Fault, and LOS. The values are derived from the SFP's A2 (Diagnostics) table using the IC interface.

Format show fiber-ports optical-transceiver {all | unit/slot/port}
Mode Privileged EXEC
Temp Internally measured transceiver temperature.
Voltage Internally measured supply voltage.
Current Measured TX bias current.
Output Power Measured optical output power relative to 1mW.
Input Power Measured optical power received relative to 1mW.
TX Fault Transmitter fault.
LOS Loss of signal.

The following shows an example of the command output:

(Extreme 220) #show fiber-ports optical-transceiver all
                                    Output    Input
Port      Temp  Voltage  Current     Power    Power   TX     LOS
           [C]   [Volt]     [mA]     [dBm]    [dBm]   Fault
--------  ----  -------  -------   -------  -------   -----  ---
0/49      39.3    3.256      5.0    -2.234   -2.465   No     No
0/50      33.9    3.260      5.3    -2.374  -40.000   No     Yes
0/51      32.2    3.256      5.6    -2.300   -2.897   No     No