show spanning-tree mst port summary active

This command displays settings for the ports within the specified multiple spanning tree instance that are active links.

Format show spanning-tree mst port summary mstid active
  • Privileged EXEC
  • User EXEC
MST Instance ID The ID of the existing MST instance.
Interface unit/slot/port
STP Mode Whether spanning tree is enabled or disabled on the port.
Type Currently not used.
STP State The forwarding state of the port in the specified spanning tree instance.
Port Role The role of the specified port within the spanning tree.
Desc Whether the port is in loop inconsistent state or not. This field is blank if the loop guard feature is not available.

The following example shows CLI display output for the command.

(Extreme 220) (Routing) >show spanning-tree mst port summary 0 active
            STP                  STP            Port
Interface   Mode   Type         State           Role       Desc
--------- -------- ------- ----------------- ---------- ---------