Statistics Application Commands

The statistics application gives you the ability to query for statistics on port utilization, flow-based and packet reception on programmable time slots. The statistics application collects the statistics at a configurable time range. You can specify the port number(s) or a range of ports for statistics to be displayed. The configured time range applies to all ports. Detailed statistics are collected between a specified time range in date and time format. You can define the time range as having an absolute time entry and/or a periodic time. For example, you can specify the statistics to be collected and displayed between 9:00 12 OCT 2017 (START) and 21:00 12 OCT 2017 (END) or schedule it on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:00 (START) to 21:00 (END).

You can receive the statistics in the following ways:

You can configure the device to display statistics on the console. The collected statistics are presented on the console at END time.