logging email urgent

This command sets the lowest severity level at which log messages are emailed immediately in a single email message.

Possible severity levels for logging messages are as follows. (You can enter either the word or the corresponding numeral.)

  • emergency (0): The device is unusable.
  • alert (1): Action must be taken immediately.
  • critical (2): The device is experiencing primary system failures.
  • error (3): The device is experiencing non-urgent failures.
  • warning (4): The device is experiencing conditions that could lead to system errors if no action is taken.
  • notice (5): The device is experiencing normal but significant conditions.
  • info (6): The device is providing non-critical information.
  • debug (7): The device is providing debug-level information.
Default Alert (1) and emergency (0) messages are sent immediately.
Format logging email urgent {severity-level | none}
Mode Global Config