show errdisable recovery

Use this command to display the errdisable configuration status of all configurable causes.

Format show errdisable recovery
Mode Privileged EXEC

The following information is displayed.

arp-inspection Enable/Disable status of arp-inspection auto recovery.
bpdguard Enable/Disable status of bpduguard auto recovery.
dhcp-rate-limit Enable/Disable status of dhcp-rate-limit auto recovery.
sfp-mismatch Enable/Disable status of sfp-mismatch auto recovery.
udld Enable/Disable status of UDLD auto recovery.
bpdustorm Enable/Disable status of bpdustorm auto recovery.
keepalive Enable/Disable status of keepalive auto recovery.
mac-locking Enable/Disable status of MAC locking auto recovery.
denial-of-service Enable/Disable status of DoS auto recovery.
time interval Time interval for auto recovery in seconds.

(Extreme 220) (Routing) #show errdisable recovery
Errdisable Reason      Auto-recovery Status
------------------     ---------------------
dhcp-rate-limit           Disabled
arp-inspection            Disabled
udld                      Disabled
bpduguard                 Disabled
bpdustorm                 Disabled
sfp-mismatch              Disabled
keepalive                 Disabled
mac-locking               Disabled
denial-of-service         Disabled
Timeout for Auto-recovery from D-Disable state  300