This command returns the status of the specified port.

Format cablestatus unit/slot/port
Mode Privileged EXEC
Cable Status One of the following statuses is returned:
  • Normal: The cable is working correctly.
  • Open: The cable is disconnected or there is a faulty connector.
  • Short: There is an electrical short in the cable.
  • Cable Test Failed: The cable status could not be determined. The cable may in fact be working.
  • Crosstalk: There is crosstalk present on the cable.
  • No Cable: There is no cable present.
Cable Length If this feature is supported by the PHY for the current link speed, the cable length is displayed as a range between the shortest estimated length and the longest estimated length. Note that if the link is down and a cable is attached to a 10/100 Ethernet adapter, then the cable status may display as Open or Short because some Ethernet adapters leave unused wire pairs unterminated or grounded. Unknown is displayed if the cable length could not be determined.