Using CLI Help

Enter a question mark (?) at the command prompt to display the commands available in the current mode.

(Extreme 220) >?
enable                   Enter into user privilege mode.
help                     Display help for various special keys.
logout                   Exit this session. Any unsaved changes are lost.
password						   Change an existing user‘s password.
ping                     Send ICMP echo packets to a specified IP address.
quit                     Exit this session. Any unsaved changes are lost.
show                     Display Switch Options and Settings.
telnet                   Telnet to a remote host.

Enter a question mark (?) after each word you enter to display available command keywords or parameters.

(Extreme 220) #network ?
ipv6                     Configure IPv6 parameters for system network.
javamode                 Enable/Disable.
mac-address              Configure MAC Address.
mac-type                 Select the locally administered or burnedin MAC
mgmt_vlan                Configure the Management VLAN ID of the switch.
parms                    Configure Network Parameters of the device.
protocol                 Select DHCP, BootP, or None as the network config

If the help output shows a parameter in angle brackets, you must replace the parameter with a value.

(Extreme 220) (Routing) #network parms ?
<ipaddr>                 Enter the IP Address.
none                     Reset IP address and gateway on management interface

If there are no additional command keywords or parameters, or if additional parameters are optional, the following message appears in the output:

<cr>                     Press Enter to execute the command

You can also enter a question mark (?) after typing one or more characters of a word to list the available command or parameters that begin with the letters, as shown in the following example:

(Extreme 220) #show m?
mac                      mac-addr-table           mac-address-table
mail-server              mbuf                     monitor