show dhcp lease

This command displays a list of IPv4 addresses currently leased from a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server on a specific in-band interface or all in-band interfaces. This command does not apply to service or network ports.

Format show dhcp lease [interface {unit/slot/port | vlan id}]
Modes Privileged EXEC
IP address, Subnet mask

The IP address and network mask leased from the DHCP server

DHCP Lease server

The IPv4 address of the DHCP server that leased the address.


State of the DHCPv4 Client on this interface

DHCP transaction ID

The transaction ID of the DHCPv4 Client


The time (in seconds) that the IP address was leased by the server


The time (in seconds) when the next DHCP renew Request is sent by DHCPv4 Client to renew the leased IP address


The time (in seconds) when the DHCP Rebind process starts

Retry count

Number of times the DHCPv4 client sends a DHCP REQUEST message before the server responds