show ip dhcp pool configuration

This command displays pool configuration. If all is specified, configuration for all the pools is displayed.

Format show ip dhcp pool configuration {name | all}
  • Privileged EXEC
  • User EXEC
Pool Name The name of the configured pool.
Pool Type The pool type.
Lease Time The lease expiration time of the IP address assigned to the client.
DNS Servers The list of DNS servers available to the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) client.
Default Routers The list of the default routers available to the DHCP client

The following additional field is displayed for Dynamic pool type:

Network The network number and the mask for the DHCP address pool.

The following additional fields are displayed for Manual pool type:

Client Name The name of a DHCP client.
Client Identifier The unique identifier of a DHCP client.
Hardware Address The hardware address of a DHCP client.
Hardware Address Type The protocol of the hardware platform.
Host The IP address and the mask for a manual binding to a DHCP client.