ip address dhcp

This command enables the DHCPv4 client on an in-band interface so that it can acquire network information, such as the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway, from a network DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server. When DHCP is enabled on the interface, the system automatically deletes all manually configured IPv4 addresses on the interface.

To enable the DHCPv4 client on an in-band interface and send DHCP client messages with the client identifier option, use the ip address dhcp client-id configuration command in interface configuration mode.

Default disabled
Format ip address dhcp [client-id]
Mode Interface Config

In the following example, DHCPv4 is enabled on interface 0/4/1.

(router1) #config
(router1) (Config)#interface 0/4/1
(router1) (Interface 0/4/1)#ip address dhcp