show mac-address-table multicast

This command displays the Multicast Forwarding Database (MFDB) information. If you enter the command with no parameter, the entire table is displayed. You can display the table entry for one MAC Address by specifying the MAC address as an optional parameter.

Format show mac-address-table multicast macaddr
Mode Privileged EXEC
VLAN ID The VLAN in which the MAC address is learned.
MAC Address A multicast MAC address for which the switch has forwarding or filtering information. The format is 6 two-digit hexadecimal numbers that are separated by colons, for example 01:23:45:67:89:AB.
Source The component that is responsible for this entry in the Multicast Forwarding Database. The source can be IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) Snooping, GMRP, and Static Filtering.
Type The type of the entry. Static entries are those that are configured by the end user. Dynamic entries are added to the table as a result of a learning process or protocol.
Description The text description of this multicast table entry.
Interfaces The list of interfaces that are designated for forwarding (Fwd:) and filtering (Flt:).
Fwd Interface The resultant forwarding list is derived from combining all the component‘s forwarding interfaces and removing the interfaces that are listed as the static filtering interfaces.

If one or more entries exist in the multicast forwarding table, the command output looks similar to the following:

(Extreme 220) (Routing) #show mac-address-table multicast
VLAN ID MAC Address       Source  Type    Description     Interface Interface
------- ----------------- ------- ------- --------------- --------- ---------
1       01:00:5E:01:02:03 Filter  Static  Mgmt Config     Fwd:      Fwd:
                                                          1/0/1,    1/0/1,
                                                          1/0/2,    1/0/2,
                                                          1/0/3,    1/0/3,
                                                          1/0/4,    1/0/4,
                                                          1/0/5,    1/0/5,
                                                          1/0/6,    1/0/6,
                                                          1/0/7,    1/0/7,
                                                          1/0/8,    1/0/8,
                                                          1/0/9,    1/0/9,
                                                          1/0/10,   1/0/10,
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