show link state group detail

Use this command to display detailed information about the state of upstream and downstream interfaces for a selected link-dependency group. Group Transitions is a count of the number of times the downstream interface has gone into its “action” state as a result of the upstream interfaces link state.

Format show link state group group-id detail
Mode Privileged EXEC
(Extreme 220) #show link state group 1 detail
GroupId:     1
Link Action: Up
Group State: Up
Downstream Interface State:
Link Up:     2/0/3
Link Down:   2/0/4-2/0/7,2/0/12-2/0/17
Upstream Interface State:
Link Up:     -
Link Down:  2/0/12-2/0/32,0/3/5
Group Transitions: 0
Last Transition Time: 00:52:35 (UTC+0:00) Jan 1 1970