show snmp

This command displays the current SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) configuration.

Format show snmp
Mode Privileged EXEC
Community Table: Community-StringThe community string for the entry. This is used by SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 protocols to access the switch.
Community-Access The type of access the community has:
  • Read only
  • Read write
  • su
View Name The view this community has access to.
IP Address Access to this community is limited to this IP address.
Community Group Table: Community-StringThe community this mapping configures
Group Name The group this community is assigned to.
IP Address The IP address this community is limited to.
Host Table: Target AddressThe address of the host that traps will be sent to.
Type The type of message that will be sent, either traps or informs.
Community The community traps will be sent to.
Version The version of SNMP the trap will be sent as.
UDP Port The UDP port the trap or inform will be sent to.
Filter name The filter the traps will be limited by for this host.
TO Sec The number of seconds before informs will time out when sending to this host.
Retries The number of times informs will be sent after timing out.