spanning-tree uplinkfast

Use this command to configure the rate at which gratuitous frames are sent (in packets per second) after switchover to an alternate port on PVSTP configured switches and enables uplinkfast on PVSTP switches. The range is 0-32000; the default is 150. This command has the effect of accelerating spanning-tree convergence after switchover to an alternate port.

Uplinkfast can be configured even if the switch is configured for MST(RSTP) mode, but it only has an effect when the switch is configured for PVST mode. Enabling FastUplink increases the priority by 3000. Path costs less than 3000 have an additional 3000 added when uplinkfast is enabled. This reduces the probability that the switch will become the root switch.

Uplinkfast immediately changes to an alternate root port on detecting a root port failure and changes the new root port directly to the forwarding state. A TCN is sent for this event.

After a switchover to an alternate port (new root port), uplinkfast multicasts a gratuitous frame on the new root port on behalf of each attached machine so that the rest of the network knows to use the secondary link to reach that machine.

PVRSTP embeds support for backbonefast and uplinkfast. There is no provision to enable or disable these features in PVRSTP configured switches.

Default 150
Format spanning-tree uplinkfast [max-update-rate packets]
Mode Global Config