radius server key

This command configures the key to be used in RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) client communication with the specified server. Depending on whether the 'auth' or 'acct' token is used, the shared secret is configured for the RADIUS authentication or RADIUS accounting server. The IP address or hostname provided must match a previously configured server. When this command is executed, the secret is prompted.

Text-based configuration supports the RADIUS server‘s secrets in encrypted and non-encrypted format. When you save the configuration, these secret keys are stored in encrypted format only. If you want to enter the key in encrypted format, enter the key along with the encrypted keyword. In the show running-config command‘s display, these secret keys are displayed in encrypted format. You cannot show these keys in plain text format.



The secret must be an alphanumeric value not exceeding 16 characters.
Format radius server key {auth | acct} {ipaddr|dnsname} encrypted password
Mode Global Config
Parameter Description
ipaddr The IP address of the server.
dnsname The DNS name of the server.
password The password in encrypted format.

The following shows an example of this command, with encrypt-string representing the encrypted password.

radius server key acct encrypted encrypt-string