show interface media-type

Use this command to display the media-type configuration of the interface.

Format show interface media-type
Mode Privileged EXEC

The following information is displayed for the command.

Port Interface in unit/slot/port format.
Configured Media Type The media type for the interface.
  • auto-select: The media type is automatically selected. The preferred media type is displayed.
  • RJ45
  • SFP
Active Displays the current operational state of the combo port.

The following command shows the command output:

(Extreme 220) (Routing) #show interface media-type
Port       Configured Media Type        Active
---------  ---------------------------  ------
0/21       SFP                          RJ45
0/22       auto-select, SFP preferred   Down
0/23       auto-select, SFP preferred   RJ45
0/24       auto-select, SFP preferred   Down