switchport private-vlan

This command defines a private-VLAN association for an isolated or community port or a mapping for a promiscuous port.

Format switchport private-vlan {host-association primary-vlan-id secondary-vlan-id | mapping primary-vlan-id {add | remove} secondary-vlan-list}
Mode Interface Config
Parameter Description
host-association Defines the VLAN association for community or host ports.
mapping Defines the private VLAN mapping for promiscuous ports.
primary-vlan-id Primary VLAN ID of a private VLAN.
secondary-vlan-id Secondary (isolated or community) VLAN ID of a private VLAN.
add Associates the secondary VLAN with the primary one.
remove Deletes the secondary VLANs from the primary VLAN association.
secondary-vlan-list A list of secondary VLANs to be mapped to a primary VLAN.