show access-lists vlan

This command displays Access List information for a particular VLAN ID. The vlan-id parameter is the VLAN ID of the VLAN with the information to view. The {in | out} options specifies the direction of the VLAN ACL (Access Control List) information to view.

Format show access-lists vlan vlan-id in|out
Mode Privileged EXEC
ACL Type Type of access list (IP, IPv6, or MAC).
ACL ID Access List name for a MAC or IPv6 access list or the numeric identifier for an IP access list.
Sequence Number An optional sequence number may be specified to indicate the order of this access list relative to other access lists already assigned to this interface and direction. A lower number indicates higher precedence order. If a sequence number is already in use for this interface and direction, the specified access list replaces the currently attached access list using that sequence number. If the sequence number is not specified by the user, a sequence number that is one greater than the highest sequence number currently in use for this interface and direction is used. Valid range is (1 to 4294967295).