set igmp report-suppression

Use this command to suppress the IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) reports on a given VLAN ID. In order to optimize the number of reports traversing the network with no added benefits, a Report Suppression mechanism is implemented. When more than one client responds to an MGMD query for the same Multicast Group address within the max-response-time, only the first response is forwarded to the query and others are suppressed at the switch.

Default Disabled
Format set igmp report-suppression vlan-id
Mode VLAN Config
Parameter Description
vlan-id A valid VLAN ID. Range is 1 to 4093.

The following shows an example of the command.

(Extreme 220) (Switching) #vlan database
(Extreme 220) (Switching) (Vlan)#set igmp report-suppression ?
<1-4093>                 Enter VLAN ID.
(Extreme 220) (Switching) (Vlan)#set igmp report-suppression 1