password (AAA IAS User Configuration)

Use this command to specify a password for a user in the IAS database. An optional parameter encrypted is provided to indicate that the password given to the command is already preencrypted.

Format password password [encrypted]
Mode AAA IAS User Config
Parameter Definition
password Password for this level. Range: 8-64 characters
encrypted Encrypted password to be entered, copied from another switch configuration.

The following is an example of adding a MAB Client to the Internal user database.

(Extreme 220) #
(Extreme 220) #configure
(Extreme 220) (Config) #aaa ias-user username 1f3ccb1157
(Extreme 220) (Config-aaa-ias-User)#password 1f3ccb1157
(Extreme 220) (Config-aaa-ias-User)#exit
(Extreme 220) (Config) #