snmp-server v3-host

This command configures traps to be sent to the specified host.

Default No default hosts are configured.
Format snmp-server v3-host host-addr username [traps | informs [timeout seconds] [retries retries]] [auth | noauth | priv] [udpport port] [filter filtername]
Mode Global Config
Parameter Description
host-addr The IPv4 or IPv6 address of the host to send the trap or inform to.
user-name User who sends a Trap or Inform message. This user must be associated with a group that supports the version and access method. The range is 1 to 30 characters.
traps Send SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) traps to the host. This is the default option.
informs Send SNMP informs to the host.
seconds Number of seconds to wait for an acknowledgement before resending the Inform. The default is 15 seconds. The range is 1 to 300 seconds.
retries Number of times to resend an Inform. The default is 3 attempts. The range is 0 to 255 retries.
auth Enables authentication but not encryption.
noauth No authentication or encryption. This is the default.
priv Enables authentication and encryption.
port The SNMP Trap receiver port. This value defaults to port 162.
filter-name The filter name to associate with this host. Filters can be used to specify which traps are sent to this host. The range is 1 to 30 characters.