set igmp fast-leave

This command enables or disables IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) Snooping fast-leave admin mode on a selected interface, a range of interfaces, or a VLAN. Enabling fast-leave allows the switch to immediately remove the layer 2 LAN interface from its forwarding table entry upon receiving an IGMP leave message for that multicast group without first sending out MAC-based general queries to the interface.

You should enable fast-leave admin mode only on VLANs where only one host is connected to each layer 2 LAN port. This prevents the inadvertent dropping of the other hosts that were connected to the same layer 2 LAN port but were still interested in receiving multicast traffic directed to that group. Also, fast-leave processing is supported only with IGMP version 2 hosts.

Default Disabled
Format set igmp fast-leave [vlan_id]
Mode Interface Config

Interface Range

VLAN Config