show exception

Use this command to display the configuration parameters for generating a core dump file.



This command is only available on selected Linux-based platforms.
Default None
Format show exception
Mode Privileged EXEC

The following shows an example of this command.

show exception
Coredump file name                core
Coredump filename uses hostname   False
Coredump filename uses time-stamp TRUE
TFTP Server Address               TFTP server configuration
FTP Server IP                     FTP server configuration
FTP user name                     FTP user name
FTP password                      FTP password
NFS Mount point                   NFS mount point configuration
File path                         Remote file path
Core File name prefix             Core file prefix configuration.
Hostname			                       Core file name contains hostname if enabled.
Timestamp                         Core file name contains timestamp if enabled.
Switch Chip Register Dump         Switch chip register dump configuration
Compression mode                  TRUE/FALSE
Active network port	               0/28
Stack IP Address Protocol         DHCP/Static
Stack IP Address                  List of IP addresses configured