clock set

This command sets the system time and date.

Format clock set hh:mm:ss

clock set mm/dd/yyyy

Mode Global Config
Parameter Description
hh:mm:ss Enter the current system time in 24-hour format in hours, minutes, and seconds. The range is hours: 0 to 23, minutes: 0 to 59, seconds: 0 to 59.
mm/dd/yyyy Enter the current system date the format month, day, year. The range for month is 1 to 12. The range for the day of the month is 1 to 31. The range for year is 2010 to 2079.

The following example shows how the command could be entered.

(Extreme 220) (Config) # clock set 03:17:00
(Extreme 220) (Config) # clock set 11/01/2011