show tech-support

show tech-support {all | area | {{bundle bundle_name} {monitor num_iterations} {interval seconds}} {detail} {logto [file]}


Displays the output of various show commands to assist in monitoring and troubleshooting the switch; use only in conjunction with Extreme Networks Technical support.

Syntax Description

all Indicates all available show command output to be displayed.
area Specifies one tech support area. For example, if you want to view STP information, enter stp.
detail Specifies more detailed information.
logto [file] Instructs the switch to log the show tech-support output into a file located in the switch‘s internal memory. The default file name is show_tech.log.tgz.
bundle Selects collecting debug commands for specified functional areas.
bundle_name Specifies the debug bundle name.
monitor Selects executing a debug bundle multiple times.
num_iterations Specifies the number of times to execute the debug bundle.
interval Specifies setting the interval between successive executions of the debug bundle.
seconds Sets the delay in seconds between successive intervals. The default is 300s.


The default interval between multiple executions of a debug bundle is 300s.

Usage Guidelines



Use this command only under the guidance of Extreme Networks Technical Support personnel to view your switch configurations and to troubleshoot the switch.
The show tech-support command displays the output of the following commands, among others:
  • ls /usr/local/tmp
  • show bootprelay
  • show configuration
  • show dhcp-client state
  • show diagnostics
  • show management
  • show memory
  • show odometers
  • show policy
  • show port rxerror
  • show port txerror
  • show power
  • show power budget
  • show power controller
  • show process
  • show radius
  • show session
  • show switch
  • show tacacs
  • show version
  • show vlan
Information about the following areas is also displayed, among others:
  • aaa
  • bootp
  • cli
  • stp
If you enter the detail keyword, the following show output is displayed, among others:
  • show log
  • show log configuration
  • show log counters all
  • show process detail

This information can be useful for your technical support representative if you experience a problem.

Depending on the software version running on your switch, the configurations running on your switch, and the type of switch you have, additional or different show command and configuration output may be displayed.

Debug bundles are JSON files that provide predefined modules to common problems that can be executed when an issue occurs. You can search for a bundle that best matches your issue, and then execute that relevant bundle that matches your problem. For a list of bundles, use the command show tech-support help, or view information about this feature in the Troubleshooting chapter in the ExtremeXOS 32.2 User Guide .


The following example collects debugging information using a debug bundle named "l3" to run 5 times:

# show tech-support bundle l3 monitor 5


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 10.1.

The command name and command syntax was modified in ExtremeXOS Release 15.4 from show tech to show tech-support.

Fabric attach mapping information was added in ExtremeXOS 22.4.

Debug bundle information was added in ExtremeXOS 30.6.

Platform Availability