SSD-120 Device

The SSD-120 device is a dedicated storage device, required for the Integrated Application Hosting (IAH) feature, and provides support for virtual machines (VMs) on ExtremeXOS-based switches, including:

Third-Party Virtual Machine (TPVM)

SSD-120 contains Third-Party Virtual Machine (TPVM), which is an Ubuntu-based VM appliance supporting a number of network-centric applications. TPVM allows you to run applications such as Docker Container, Syslog server, SNMP server, and RESTful applications, among others. TPVM runs as a separate, independent VM, sharing the host CPU, RAM, hard disk drive, and management resources with ExtremeXOS.

Folder Structure

The folder structure of SSD-120 is available at /usr/local/vm. The /usr/local/vm/packages folder is for storing downloaded OVA, qcow2, and QEMU-compatible VM installation files.