Two-Stage ACL

The following diagram shows the three ACL processors available that can be used for filtering the packets at various stages of processing:

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ACL Stages

First Stage ACL / VLAN Processor: is used to filter packets before ingress processing. It can be used to assign the VLAN, set a CLASS ID, or perform other more traditional ACL actions, such as drop or count. In general, this stage‘s scale, actions, and match criteria are more limited than the ingress stage. However, the high-level architecture of the first stage ACL is the same as the second stage ACL in that it is composed of a series of slices, or individual TCAM elements. First stage ACL rules are included in the policy file or dynamic ACLs in the same way as regular second stage ACL rules. To specify that a rule is to be added to the first stage ACL table, use the "class-id <class-id>" action.

Second Stage ACL / Ingress Filter Processor: is used to filter packets for ingress processing and is the primary hardware resource used for ingress user ACLs. While this stage follows the L2 and L3 lookups, the packet data presented to this stage is pre-modified, except in the case of tunneling. In general, this stage is the most capable and scalable of the 3 stages. Second stage ACL rules can additionally match the class-id specified as an action in a first stage ACL rule. This is done by listing "class-id <class-id>" in the match clause of the rule.

Egress ACL: is used to filter egressing packets after packet switching, queuing, and buffering operations have been performed. It can be used to deny or modify (e.g. 802.1p, DSCP) packets but cannot be used to redirect or change QoS. In general, this stage‘s scale, actions, and match criteria are more limited than the ingress stage.

The two-stage ingress classification is supported for static user ACL policies, dynamic CLI-driven user ACLs, and dynamic API-driven ACLs.

Platform Support

This feature is supported on the following platforms:
  • ExtremeSwitching X440-G2
  • ExtremeSwitching X450-G2
  • ExtremeSwitching X460-G2
  • ExtremeSwitching X465
  • ExtremeSwitching X620
  • ExtremeSwitching X590
  • ExtremeSwitching X695