Edge Automation

Supported Platforms

Edge Automation connects Extreme virtual tunnel endpoints (VTEPs) with other network devices, such as switches or wireless access points (APs), by establishing a VXLAN tunnel to them, thereby receiving VXLAN-encapsulated traffic from the devices. Virtual networks and local tunnel endpoints (LTEPs) must already be configured on the VTEPs, and only remote virtual tunnel endpoint (RTEP) creation is dynamic.

The information about the devices (name, IP address, MAC address, etc.) is stored in a VNI-device database. The name of this VNI-device database is set using ExtremeXOS commands or ExtremeCloud Connector.

Edge Automation supports MLAG. However, no checkpointing of states between MLAG peers takes place. For MLAG to work seamlessly, VXLAN and server configuration must be provisioned identically on the MLAG peers.

Edge Automation supports stacking, and the local cache information is synced between the primary and backup. Only the primary switch is connected to the VNI-device database, and data synced between primary and backup switches is used for RTEP creation on the backup switch. After failover, the backup switch becomes the primary switch, and it becomes connected to the VNI-device database. Any notifications being processed during failover are lost.

Edge Automation works on all platforms that support VXLAN.


For information about configuring Edge Automation, see Configuring Edge Automation.