Multi-switch Link Aggregation Group (MLAG) Port Reload Delay Timer

On certain platforms, it takes few seconds between the first port and last port to come up. When lower numbered ports are used as Multi-switch Link Aggregation Group (MLAG) ports and higher numbered ports are used as inter-switch connection (ISC) ports, MLAG ports come up first before the ISC ports. In such cases, traffic from the servers MLAGed to the peers that traverse the ISC can be lost during the duration when the traffic hashes to the MLAG peer while the ISC is still not up.

The MLAG reload delay timer keeps MLAG ports disabled for the configured duration while the switch configuration is loading. This timer is also useful for cases where network-facing Layer 3 protocols, like OSPF, are yet to converge on the node that has just come up. This feature is disabled by default.