Populating the LDAP Database with Organization and User Entries

Use the following commands to make the user entry in the LDAP directory (slapd.conf):
dn: uid=newperson3,o=ldaptestdemo,dc=extremenetworks,dc=com
objectClass: top
objectClass: person
objectClass: radiusprofile << Defined in the RADIUS-LDAPv3 schema
objectClass: sambaSamAccount
sn: ldaptestdemo
uid: newperson3 <<< This username given in the Odyssey client
cn: newperson3
radiusTunnelMediumType: IEEE-802
radiusTunnelType: VLAN
radiusTunnelPrivateGroupId: 2 <<< Value of the VLAN tag
sambaNTPassword: A3A685F89364D4A5182B028FBE79AC38
sambaLMPassword: C23413A8A1E7665FC2265B23734E0DAC
userPassword:: e1NIQX00MXZzNXNYbTRPaHNwUjBFUU9raWdxbldySW89
sambaSID: S-1-0-0-28976
The Samba-related attributes can be populated in the LDAP server already if there is an LDAP-enabled Samba infrastructure in place.


If the Samba related entries are not present, then the values for sambaNTPassword and sambaNMPPassword can be created by running the mkntpwd command.
cd /usr/share/doc/samba-3.0.10/LDAP/smbldap-tools/mkntpwd
./mkntpwd -L <password>   (provides value for sambaLMPassword attribute)
./mkntpwd -N <password>   (provides value for sambaNTPassword attribute)