Upgrading Stack Licenses

You can purchase license level upgrades for ExtremeSwitching switches. All master-capable switches in a stack must run the same license level. If the license you want to run is not available for a specific switch, you cannot use that switch and that license level as a master-capable switch. For example, if you want to upgrade to the core license, your master-capable nodes must be switches that support the core license.


For information about which switches support which licenses, see the ExtremeXOS 32.2 Feature License Requirements document. That document also lists which switches support the SummitStack feature.

To upgrade the licenses for the switches in a stack, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to the master node.
  2. Enter the show stacking command and note the role (master, backup, or standby) of each node in the stack.
  3. Enter the show stacking configuration command and note any nodes that are configured with a license level restriction.
  4. Install the required license level in each master-capable node (backup and standby nodes) by logging into each node (telnet slot slot-number ) and entering the command:
    enable license {software} key
  5. Enter the license key given to you by Extreme Networks when you purchased the upgrade.
  6. Use the commands in Step 4 to install the required license level on the master node.
  7. If any nodes are configured with a license level restriction that is lower than the intended operating license level of the stack, log into the master node and remove the stack license level restriction using the command:
    unconfigure stacking license-level
    This command removes the restriction on all nodes.
  8. If you removed a license level restriction, reboot the stack to put the license level restriction removal into effect using the command:
    reboot {[time mon day year hour min sec] | cancel} {slot slot-number | node-address node-address | stack-topology {as-standby}}
  9. Verify that all master-capable nodes are operating at the intended license level.
    On the master node, run show licenses and show slot {slot {detail} | detail }.
    If no slot shows as Failed, then all master-capable nodes are operating at the effective license level shown for the master node.