Tracking XNV Per VM Statistics

Beginning in release 15.3, each local and network VPP has the option to specify whether a counter needs to be installed to count traffic matching the virtual machine MAC which gets the VPP mapping. You can choose to install a counter to collect statistics for ingress traffic only, egress traffic only, or traffic in both directions.

Once the ingress counter installation option is selected for a specific local or network VPP and the virtual machine which has this VPP mapping is detected on the switch, the counter is installed with the name "xnv_ing_dyn_cnt_vmxxxxxxxxxxxx" for the port on which the VM MAC is detected. In this case, xxxxxxxxxxxx denotes the virtual machine MAC for which the counter is installed. In the same way, the egress counter is installed using the name "xnv_egr_dyn_cnt_vmxxxxxxxxxxxx" for that port.

You can view a list of packet/byte counts for this counter name using the command show access dynamic-counter. The counter is uninstalled only when the virtual machine MAC is deleted on the switch or the VPP is mapped to a virtual machine MAC which has the counter option set to none. If the VM MAC move happens then the counter installed on the previous port is uninstalled and the counter is installed on the new port. The counter values are not maintained during the MAC move.