Installing a Core Image

Once .xos and .xmod files are stored on a network server (see Downloading a New Image), download the image to the switch using the following procedure:

  1. Use a login session on the master node of the SummitStack to verify which virtual router connects to your server. Use one of the following ping commands to confirm which virtual router reaches your server:

    ping vr vr-Mgmt host ping vr vr-Default host

    At least one of these commands must successfully reach your server for you to download the image. After verifying the virtual router that reaches your server, specify that virtual router when you download the image.
  2. Download the new image to the switch using the command:
    download [url url {vr vrname} | image [active | inactive] [[hostname | ipaddress] filename {{vr} vrname} {block-size block_size}] {partition} {install {reboot}}


    If you configure the switch to write core dump (debug) files to the internal memory card and attempt to download a new software image, you might have insufficient space to complete the image download. If this occurs, you will need to move or delete the core dump files from the internal memory. You will be asked during the download process if you want to remove these files. For more information, see Understanding Core Dump Messages.
  3. Before the download begins, the switch asks if you want to install the image immediately after the download is finished. Enter y to install the image after download.
    If you enter n to install the image at a later time, the image is still downloaded and saved to the switch, but you must use the install image command when ready to install the image.
  4. Install .xmod images to the inactive partition using the same command shown above.
  5. After installing the .xos and all .xmod iamges, reboot the switch (see Reboot Options).

For information about installing a new BootROM image on an ExtremeSwitching series switch, see Upgrading the BootROM.