Enabling the Send Debug Information Switch

This allows information to be sent to the internal memory card or a removable storage device.
Enable the switch to save process core dump information.

configure debug core-dumps [ off | directory_path]

A removable storage device is a USB 2.0 storage device on a ExtremeSwitching series switch.

Core dump files have a .gz file extension. The filename format is: core.<process-name.pid>.gz where process-name indicates the name of the process that failed and pid is the numerical identifier of that process.

If you configure the switch to write core dump files to the internal memory card and attempt to download a new software image, you might have insufficient space to complete the image download.

If this occurs, you must decide whether to continue the software download or move or delete the core dump files from the internal memory. For example, if your switch supports a removable storage device with space available, transfer the files to the storage device. On switches that do not have a removable storage device, transfer the files from the internal memory card to a TFTP server. This frees up space on the internal memory card while keeping the core dump files.