Configuring the EAPS Domain Priority

The EAPS domain priority feature allows you to select the EAPS domains that are serviced first when a break occurs in an EAPS ring. For example, you might set up a network topology with two or more domains on the same physical ring, such as in spatial reuse. In this topology, you could configure one domain as high priority and the others as normal priority. You would then add a small subset of the total protected VLANs to the high priority domain, and add the rest of the protected vlans to the normal priority domain. The secondary port of the normal and high priority domains can be the same, or as is typically the case of spatial reuse, opposite. If a ring fault occurs in this topology, the protected VLANs in the high priority domain are the first to recover.

To configure the EAPS domain priority, use the following command:
configure eaps name priority {high | normal}