Copying Files on the Switch

The copy function allows you to make a copy of an existing file before you alter or edit the file. By making a copy, you can easily go back to the original file if needed.

XML-formatted configuration files have a .cfg file extension. The switch runs only .cfg files. ASCII-formatted configuration files have an .xsf file extension. See Uploading ASCII-Formatted Configuration Files for more information. Policy files have a .pol file extension.

When you copy a configuration or policy file from the system, make sure you specify the appropriate file extension. For example, if you want to copy a policy file, specify the filename and .pol.

  1. Copy an existing configuration or policy file on your switch using the cp command.
    cp test.cfg test1.cfg
    Copy config test.cfg to config test1.cfg on switch? (y/n)
  2. Enter y to copy the file. Enter n to cancel this process and not copy the file.
    When you enter y, the switch copies the file with the new name and keeps a backup of the original file with the original name. After the switch copies the file, use the ls command to display a complete list of files.


    If you make a copy of a file, such as a core dump file, you can easily compare new information with the old file if needed.
For more information about configuring the storage of core dump files, see Understanding Core Dump Messages.