Configuring the Redirect Page

To configure the network login redirect page, use the following command:

configure netlogin redirect-page url

Where url defines the redirection information for the users after they have logged in. You must configure a complete URL starting with http:// or https://. By default, the redirect URL value is “” and default re-direction will take maximum of 20 seconds i.e default netlogin-lease-timer + 10 seconds. Re-direct time can be changed by tuning netlogin-lease-timer.

You can also configure the redirect value to a specific port number, such as 8080. For example, you can configure the network login redirect page to the URL value “”. The default port value is 80.

This redirection information is used only in case the redirection info is missing from RADIUS server. For example, configure netlogin base-url redirects all users to this URL after they get logged in.

For more information about SSH2, see Secure Shell 2.