RFC 1213 (MIB-II)

The following tables, groups, and variables are supported in this MIB.

Table/Group Supported Variables Comments
System group scalars All objects The sysServices object always returns the value 79.
Note: The allowed character set is A-Z, a-z, 0-9, +-@_.,:;()/ ” for sysName, sysLocation, sysContact.
Interfaces group Supported as per RFC 2233.
IP Group scalars All objects
ipAddrTable All objects
ipRouteTable All objects Supported as read only. Routes are indexed by prefix only.
ipNetToMediaTable All objects

context support is available for the ipNetToMediaTable in MIB-2. In order to retrieve entries in various VRs for ipNetToMediaTable in MIB-2, VRs can be mentioned as contexts. For example, to get the entries in VR-Mgmt, the following net-snmp query needs to be used:

snmpwalk -v3 -n "VR-Mgmt" -u <v3username> -a md5 -a <v3user-authentication password> <deviceIpAddress/Hostname> ipNetToMediaTable

Here -n has the context value of "VR-Mgmt". If no context is specified in the SNMP query, then only the entries in the VR-Default are shown.

ICMP group All objects
TCP group scalars All objects
tcpConnTable All objects
UDP group scalars All objects
udpTable All objects
EGP Group Not supported
SNMP group All objects
At group All objects Supported as read only.


Release version History
NOS 7.2.0 This MIB was introduced.