Troubleshooting an Extended Edge Switching Topology

The following information provides tips on how to verify and troubleshoot your Extended Edge Switching topology.

Commands for Verifying/Troubleshooting Extended Edge Switching Topology

Use the following commands to verify and troubleshoot the Extended Edge Switching topology:
  • show configuration {module-name} {detail} with vpex as the module-name—shows cascade port configuration.
  • show configuration {module-name} {detail} with vlan as the module-name or with | grep sharing—shows LAG configuration.
  • show configuration {module-name} {detail} with devmgr as the module-name—shows slot module type configuration.
  • show vpex—shows mapping between cascade port and slot number.
  • show slot {slot {detail} | detail }—shows status of BPE slot.
  • show vpex ports {ports_list}—shows the status of the CSP control plane connections for each cascade port.
  • show vpex topology { port port_num} {summary | detail}—shows the detected topology type, status, ring status (if applicable), and bridge port extender (BPE) interconnections.

Commands for Verifying/Troubleshooting Redundant Controlling Bridges (CBs)/MLAGs

To verify and troubleshooting the MLAG setup, use the following commands:

show mlag peer {peer_name}—shows if MLAG peer is up.

show configuration {module-name} {detail} with vsm as the module-name—shows MLAG port configuration.

Limitations When Using Automation to Set up Redundant CBs/MLAGs

The following limitations apply when using automation to set up redundant CBs.

Limitation Workaround
If the CB has MLAG peer configuration, but its MLAG peer is down, you cannot enable auto-configuration.
  • Remove the MLAG peer configuration to make it a single CB setup.
  • Bring up the MLAG peer.
If a BPE is configured before MLAG peer is configured, auto-configuration does not configure the MLAG port for the previously configured BPE. Manually configure MLAG port for the previously configured BPE by setting the MLAG port ID to 5000 plus the BPE‘s slot number.