Configuring an IP Address and OSPF on the Backbone VLAN

Configure an IP address and enable IP forwarding (routing) on the data center protected VLAN.

This step is only performed on the core switch. Servers are configured accordingly with the core switch IP address as their default gateway. Since there are no additional routers on this VLAN, configure it as an OSPF passive interface. In this example, the data center VLAN is placed on the backbone OSPF area, but additional OSPF areas can be configured if needed.

Core-Switch#1 OSPF configuration:

* CORE-SWITCH#1.11 # configure vlan srvfarm-1 ipaddress
* CORE-SWITCH#1.12 # enable ipforwarding vlan srvfarm-1
* CORE-SWITCH#1.13 # configure ospf add vlan srvfarm-1 area passive