The following tables, groups, and variables are supported in this MIB.

Table/Group Supported Variables Comments
extremeSmartTrapFlushInstanceTableIndex This object acts as a flush control for the extremeSmartTrapInstanceTable. Setting this object can flush the matching entries from the extremeSmartTrapInstanceTable based on certain rules as defined in the MIB.

The entries created in the extremeSmartTrapRulesTable define the rules that are used to generate Extreme smart traps.

The object extremeSmartTrapRulesDesiredOID supports OID values whose prefix are among the following:

ipAddrTable, ifMauTable, extremeSlotTable, extremeVlanGroup, extremeVirtualGroup, extremeVlanProtocolTable, extremeVlanProtocolVlanTable, extremeVlanOpaqueTable, extremeStpDomainTable, extremeStpPortTable, extremeStpVlanPortTable, pethPsePortTable, extremePethSystem, extremePethPseSlotTable, extremePethPsePortTable

extremeSmartTrapInstanceTable extremeSmartTrapInstanceTable is a read-only table that stores the information about which variables have changed according to rules defined in the extremeSmartTrapRulesTable.