Displaying AVB Information

The complete set of "show" commands are detailed in the ExtremeXOS 32.2 Command Reference Guide . Some of the more commonly used commands are outlined here.


Detailed information about gPTP can be displayed using the following set of commands:

show network-clock gptp ...

For example, the show network-clock gptp ports command can be used to view the gPTP properties of a given port, and is useful for debugging when the show avb command shows that the port is not operational for gPTP.

# show network-clock gptp ports 1   
Physical port number  : 1   
gPTP port status                   : Enabled   
Clock Identity                     : 00:04:96:ff:fe:51:ba:ea   
gPTP Port Number                   : 1   
IEEE 802.1AS Capable               : Yes   
Port Role                          : 9 (Slave)   
Announce Initial Interval          : 0 (1.000 secs)   
Announce Current Interval          : 0 (1.000 secs)   
Announce Receipt Timeout           : 3   
Sync Initial Interval              : -3 (0.125 secs)   
Sync Current Interval              : -3 (0.125 secs)   
Sync Receipt Timeout               : 3   
Sync Receipt Timeout Interval      : 375000000 ns   
Measuring Propagation Delay        : Yes   
Propagation Delay                  : 623 ns   
Propagation Delay Threshold        : 3800 ns (auto)   
Propagation Delay Asymmetry        : 0   
Peer Delay Initial Interval        : 0 (1.000 secs)   
Peer Delay Current Interval        : 0 (1.000 secs)   
Peer Delay Allowed Lost Responses  : 3   
Neighbor Rate Ratio                : 1.000020   
PTP Version                        : 2


Detailed information about MSRP can be displayed using the following set of commands:

show msrp ...

Several that are commonly used are:

show msrp
show msrp streams
show msrp listeners
show msrp streams propagation

Examples of these commands are shown below.

The show msrp command displays the summary information included in the show avb command, but also displays the total number of streams and reservations on the switch.

# show msrp 
MSRP Status  : Enabled   
MSRP Max Latency Frame Size   : 1522   
MSRP Max Fan-in Ports         : No limit   
MSRP Enabled Ports            : *1ab    *2ab    *10ab   *11ab    12
                                 13      14      15      16      17
                                 18      19      20      21        
Total MSRP streams            : 2   
Total MSRP reservations       : 6       
Flags:  (*) Active,              (!) Administratively disabled,           
        (a) SR Class A allowed,  (b) SR Class B allowed

The show msrp streams command displays all of the streams that the switch is aware of.

# show msrp streams    
Stream Id  Destination     Port  Dec    Vid  Cls/Rn     BW       
----------------------  -----------------  ----  ----  ----  ------  ---------   
00:50:c2:4e:db:02:00:00  91:e0:f0:00:ce:00     1  Adv      2  A/1      6.336 Mb   
00:50:c2:4e:db:06:00:00  91:e0:f0:00:0e:82     2  Adv      2  A/1      6.336 Mb       

Total Streams: 2       
BW       : Bandwidth,                Cls      : Traffic Class,                    
Dec      : Prop. Declaration Types,  Rn       : Rank                                  

MSRP Declaration Types:                                                       
   Adv   : Talker Advertise,         AskFail  : Listener Asking Failed,              
   Fail  : Talker Fail,              RdyFail  : Listener Ready Failed,               
   Ready : Listener Ready  

The show msrp listeners command displays all of the listeners the switch is aware of. If the declaration type is either Ready or RdyFail, a reservation has been made, and the Stream Age will show the length of time this reservation has been active.

# show msrp listeners      
     Stream Id            Port  Dec       Dir      State      Stream Age                          
                                                 App  Reg  (days,hr:mm:ss)   
-----------------------  -----  ------- -------  ---  ---  ----------------   
00:50:c2:4e:db:02:00:00      2  Ready   Ingress  VO   IN       0, 01:40:23                               
                            10  Ready   Ingress  VO   IN       0, 01:27:05
                            11  Ready   Ingress  VO   IN       0, 01:27:05   
00:50:c2:4e:db:06:00:00      1  Ready   Ingress  VO   IN       0, 01:40:15
                            10  Ready   Ingress  VO   IN       0, 01:27:05  
                            11  Ready   Ingress  VO   IN       0, 01:27:05   
App      : Applicant State,                Dec     : MSRP Declaration Types         
Dir      : Direction of MSRP attributes,   Reg     : Registrar State            

MSRP Declaration Types:                                                   
AskFail  : Listener Asking Failed,         RdyFail : Listener Ready Failed,         
Ready    : Listener Ready       

Applicant States:      
   AA    : Anxious active,                 AN      : Anxious new,      
   AO    : Anxious observer,               AP      : Anxious passive,     
   LA    : Leaving active,                 LO      : Leaving observer,      
   QA    : Quiet active,                   QO      : Quiet observer,      
   QP    : Quiet passive,                  VN      : Very anxious new,      
   VO    : Very anxious observer,          VP      : Very anxious passive       
Registrar States:      
   IN    : In - Registered,                LV      : Leaving - Timing out      
   MT    : Empty - Not Registered    

The show msrp streams propagation command is useful for debugging the propagation of Talkers and Listeners for each stream.

# show msrp streams propagation stream-id 00:50:c2:4e:db:02:00:00     
     Stream Id              Destination      Port  Dec   Vid   Cls/Rn     BW       
-----------------------   -----------------  ----  ----  ----  ------  ---------   
00:50:c2:4e:db:02:00:00   91:e0:f0:00:ce:00     1  Adv      2    A/1    6.336 Mb           

    Talker Propagation:            
         Ingress     Ingress     Propagated        Propagated     Egress             
         DecType     Port        DecType             Ports        DecType            
         -------     -------     ----------        ----------     -------            
        Adv     -->  1  -->      Adv        -->           2   -->  Adv                                                      
                                                         10   -->  Adv                                                                
                                                         11   -->  Adv              
    Listener Propagation:            
        Egress      Egress        Propagated        Listener       Ingress            
        DecType     Port          DecType            Ports         DecType            
        -------     -------      ----------        ----------      -------            
        Ready   <--       1   <--  Ready      <--          2  <--  Ready                                   
                              <--  Ready      <--         10  <--  Ready      
                              <--  Ready      <--         11  <--  Ready                 
Total Streams: 1       
BW       : Bandwidth,                Cls      : Traffic Class,                    
Dec      : Prop. Declaration Types,  Rn       : Rank                                  

MSRP Declaration Types:                                                              
   Adv   : Talker Advertise,         AskFail  : Listener Asking Failed,              
   Fail  : Talker Fail,              RdyFail  : Listener Ready Failed,               
  Ready  : Listener Ready                                                          


Other than the MVRP summary information displayed in the show avb command, information about dynamically created VLANs is shown using the "vlan" commands as follows.

In the show vlan command, it can be seen that SYS_VLAN_0002 is a dynamically created VLAN due to the “d” flag.

# show vlan   
Name  VID  Protocol  Addr       Flags                       Proto  Ports  Virtual                                                                                 
                                                                             Active router                                                                              
Default         1    --------------------------------T--------------- ANY    4 /33  VR-Default    
Mgmt            4095 ------------------------------------------------ ANY    1 /1   VR-Mgmt       
SYS_VLAN_0002   2    --------------------------------T------d-------- ANY    4 /4   VR-Default    
Flags : (B) BFD Enabled, (c) 802.1ad customer VLAN, (C) EAPS Control VLAN,
        (d) Dynamically created VLAN, (D) VLAN Admin Disabled,
        (e) CES Configured, (E) ESRP Enabled, (f) IP Forwarding Enabled,
        (F) Learning Disabled, (i) ISIS Enabled,
        (I) Inter-Switch Connection VLAN for MLAG, (k) PTP Configured,
        (l) MPLS Enabled, (L) Loopback Enabled, (m) IPmc Forwarding Enabled,
        (M) Translation Member VLAN or Subscriber VLAN, (n) IP Multinetting Enabled,
        (N) Network Login VLAN, (o) OSPF Enabled, (O) Virtual Network Overlay,
        (p) PIM Enabled, (P) EAPS protected VLAN, (r) RIP Enabled,
        (R) Sub-VLAN IP Range Configured, (s) Sub-VLAN, (S) Super-VLAN,
        (t) Translation VLAN or Network VLAN, (T) Member of STP Domain,
        (v) VRRP Enabled, (V) VPLS Enabled, (W) VPWS Enabled,
        (Y) Policy Enabled, (Z) OpenFlow Enabled
       Total number of VLAN(s) : 3  

You can display details about SYS_VLAN_0002 using the following command:

# show SYS_VLAN_0002   
VLAN Interface with name SYS_VLAN_0002 created dynamically     
    Admin State:      Enabled      Tagging:      802.1Q Tag 2        
    Description:      None       Virtual router:   VR-Default       
    IPv4 Forwarding:  Disabled       
    IPv4 MC Forwarding:  Disabled       
    IPv6 Forwarding:  Disabled       
    IPv6 MC Forwarding:  Disabled       
    IPv6:                None       
    STPD:                   s0(Enabled)        
    Protocol:            Match all unfiltered protocols       
    Loopback:            Disabled       
    NetLogin:            Disabled       
    OpenFlow:            Disabled       
    QosProfile:       None configured       
    Flood Rate Limit QosProfile:       None configured       
    Ports:   4.        (Number of active ports=4)          
       Tag:       *1H,  *2H,   *10H,   *11H          
         Flags:    (*) Active, (!) Disabled, (g) Load Sharing port                     
                   (b) Port blocked on the vlan, (m) Mac-Based port                     
                   (a) Egress traffic allowed for NetLogin                     
                   (u) Egress traffic unallowed for NetLogin                    
                   (t) Translate VLAN tag for Private-VLAN                     
                   (s) Private-VLAN System Port, (L) Loopback port                     
                   (e) Private-VLAN End Point Port                     
                   (x) VMAN Tag Translated port                     
                   (G) Multi-switch LAG Group port                    
                   (H) Dynamically added by MVRP                    
                   (U) Dynamically added uplink port                 
                   (V) Dynamically added by VM Tracking