Virtual Routers and VLANs

The ExtremeXOS software supports virtual routers. Each port can belong to multiple virtual routers. Ports can belong to different VLANs that are in different virtual routers.

If you do not specify a virtual router when you create a VLAN, the system creates that VLAN in the default virtual router (VR-Default). The management VLAN is always in the management virtual router (VR-Mgmt).

After you create virtual routers, the ExtremeXOS software allows you to designate one of these virtual routers as the domain in which all your subsequent configuration commands, including VLAN commands, are applied. After you create virtual routers, ensure that you are creating each VLAN in the desired virtual router domain. Also, ensure that you are in the correct virtual router domain before you begin modifying each VLAN.

For information on configuring and using virtual routers, see Virtual Routers.