Not-so-stubby-areas (NSSAs) are similar to the existing OSPFv3 stub area configuration option but have the following two additional capabilities:

The CLI command to control the NSSA function is similar to the command used for configuring a stub area, as follows:

configure ospfv3 area area-identifier nssa [summary | nosummary] stub-default-cost cost {translate}

The translate option in ABR determines whether it is always translating type 7 LSAs to type 5 LSAs or a candidate for election. When configuring an OSPFv3 area as an NSSA, translate should only be used on NSSA border routers, where translation is to be enforced. If translate is not used on any NSSA border router in a NSSA, one of the ABRs for that NSSA is elected to perform translation (as indicated in the NSSA specification). The option should not be used on NSSA internal routers. Doing so inhibits correct operation of the election algorithm.