Creating and Configuring the EAPS Protected VLANs

  1. Create the EAPS protected VLANs for each domain.
  2. Configure an 802.1q tag and the ports for each protected VLAN.
  3. Configure each protected VLAN as part of the EAPS domain.
    Depending on the scope of the VLAN, it could be added to multiple EAPS domains. This type of VLAN is referred to as an overlapping protected VLAN, and requires shared port configurations.

    In this example, there is one overlapping protected VLAN, purple-1, while all other VLANs are isolated to a single EAPS domain (VLANs green-1, orange-1, and red-1). Protected VLAN configuration, such as 802.1q tagging, must match on the edge switch. The commands in the following example are entered on both aggregate switches.

    This procedure can also be repeated for additional protected VLANs as needed:

    * AGG-SWITCH.44 # create vlan purple-1
    * AGG-SWITCH.45 # create vlan green-1
    * AGG-SWITCH.46 # create vlan orange-1
    * AGG-SWITCH.47 # create vlan red-1
    * AGG-SWITCH.48 # configure purple-1 tag 1
    * AGG-SWITCH.49 # configure green-1 tag 2
    * AGG-SWITCH.50 # configure orange-1 tag 3
    * AGG-SWITCH.51 # configure red-1 tag 4
    * AGG-SWITCH.52 # configure eaps e1-domain add protect vlan purple-1
    * AGG-SWITCH.53 # configure eaps e2-domain add protect vlan purple-1
    * AGG-SWITCH.54 # configure eaps e3-domain add protect vlan purple-1
    * AGG-SWITCH.55 # configure eaps e4-domain add protect vlan purple-1
    * AGG-SWITCH.56 # configure eaps e2-domain add protect vlan green-1
    * AGG-SWITCH.57 # configure eaps e3-domain add protect vlan orange-1
    * AGG-SWITCH.58 # configure eaps e4-domain add protect vlan red-1
    * AGG-SWITCH.59 # configure vlan purple-1 add port 2:1,1:1,1:4,3:1,3:2 tagged
    * AGG-SWITCH.60 # configure vlan green-1 add port 2:1,1:4 tagged
    * AGG-SWITCH.61 # configure vlan orange-1 add port 2:1,3:1 tagged
    * AGG-SWITCH.62 # configure vlan red-1 add port 2:1,3:2 tagged