VLAN Configuration Overview

The following procedure provides an overview of VLAN creation and configuration:
  1. Create and name the VLAN.
    create [ {vlan} vlan_name | vlan vlan_list] {tag tag } {description vlan-description } {vr name }
  2. If needed, assign an IP address and mask (if applicable) to the VLAN as described in Managing a VLAN IP Address.
  3. If any ports in this VLAN will use a tag, assign a VLAN tag.
    configure {vlan} vlan_name tag tag {remote-mirroring}
  4. Assign one or more ports to the VLAN.
    configure {vlan} [vlan_name | vlan_list] add ports [port_list | all] {tagged tag | untagged} {{stpd} stpd_name} {dot1d | emistp | pvst-plus}}
    As you add each port to the VLAN, decide if the port will use an 802.1Q tag.
  5. For the management VLAN on the switch, configure the default IP route for virtual router VR-Mgmt.


    See IPv4 Unicast Routing for information on configuring default IP routes or adding secondary IP addresses to VLANs.