Benefits and Limitations


The ExtremeXOS SNMP Notification Log feature has the following benefits:
  • Ability to create multiple SNMP notification logs.
  • Ability to restrict SNMP notifications that are added to a log.
  • Ability to age log entries.
  • Ability to limit the maximum number of entries in a log.
  • Ability to control the feature through both CLI and SNMP.


  • No capability to query log entries by time duration (for example, list log entries from the last hour).
  • The notification log name “default” is reserved to represent the default log in CLI. You cannot create a notification log with the name "default".
  • Aging out of entries may occur sooner, or later, than the global age out period that you specify if the current time of the NE is changed.
  • Notification log statistics (but not entries) are lost on a restart of the SNMP Master process.
  • Notification log statistics (but not entries) are lost on failover.
  • Notification log entries and statistics are lost if the NE is rebooted.