Port Groups

Port groups allow you to define ports by similar functionality or role. You can create port groups and use them to configure QoS profiles, ingress meters and flood rate-limiters for ports that share the same role. QoS commands that use port groups are updated automatically if the ports group is removed or if ports are added or removed from the group.

In addition, Extreme Management Center can create and manipulate port groups through the CoS MIB using SNMP. These groups are used to configure the Extreme Management Center-specified CoS resources that are mapped to QoS profiles, ingress meters, and flood rate-limiters. Since the Extreme Management Center CoS feature is port group-oriented, ExtremeXOS QoS entities (QoS profiles, ingress meter, and flood rate-limiting) that are configured on a per-port basis are not exposed through the CoS MIB using SNMP.

To create port groups, use the following command:

create ports group port_group

To delete port groups, use the following command:

delete ports group port_group

To add/delete ports from a port group, use the following command:

configure ports {group} port_group [[ add | delete ] port_list ]

To show port group information, use the following command:

show ports group {port_group}